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Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Outing; Plexus luncheon at the Kimpton Schofield Hotel; 29th Annual Night Out Against Crime

On Monday, August 1st, we went to the Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Outing held at the IMG_3316Quail Hollow Country Club in Concord to enjoy "Linner" (a combination of lunch and dinner) around 3pm to 4pm with the golfers.

We soon learned that there were 152 people of all ages from their early 20's to their 70's playing in this annual tournament.

We, ourselves, enjoyed some corn salad and cauliflower and tried our hand at a game called "chipping" where the player attempts to hit the golf ball into a tire about 25 feet away. We didn't win anything but at least we tried.

We ate "Linner" with Mr. Dave and Ms. Jaime Petti from Turf Pride Lawn Care Service and talked to a woman whose husband works for Mr. Bernie Moreno at the Bernie Moreno Companies in Olmsted Falls. We told her how much we liked seeing Mr. Moreno take part in the panel on immigration at the RNC two weeks ago.


As far as golfing goes, the big winners of the day were the Steris Corporation (score 57) and Lake Health (score 61).

Everyone was naturally pretty exhausted at the end of the day due to the humidity so we left soon after we ate but not before we talked to Mr. Jack Gaghan who used to work in the Mexican food industry around Lake County. He recalled working on an immigration matter at one time with Ms. Margaret W. Wong and said to be sure to tell her hello.

Another person who told us to say hello to Ms. Wong was Mr. Ryan Bean who will soon be opening a Pinot's Palette in Woodmere. He worked with Ms. Wong years ago when he was a federal employee. We met him at a Plexus luncheon at the Kimpton Schofield Hotel on East 9th Street in Cleveland.

Our friend Mr. David Phillips, a Plexus Board Member, told us that it was the best attended membership lunch ever with 42 RSVP's.

Ms. Michelle Tomallo, President of Plexus, spoke to the attendees about how  supportive the hotel's administrators have been of Plexus and the LGBT community; so much so they offered it as a locale for a Plexus event. Subsequently, Ms. Heather Johnson, Senior Sales Manager, addressed us for a few minutes about the history of the hotel which was built around 1900. Interestingly the same architect who designed the hotel, Mr. Levi Schofield, also designed the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

 Every attendee was given a small sock monkey as a token of our visit. The reason for this is that sections of the carpeting have sock monkeys imprinted on them because they a very popular toy when the hotel was first built.

Everyone got the opportunity to stand up on this day and introduce himself/herself. We are continually impressed IMG_3323with Plexus' all-encompassing membership because represented at this luncheon were such occupations as printer, fundraiser, financial advisor, pharmacist, architect, adoption counselor, and auctioneer.

Most of all, everybody was pleased to hear that Cleveland Pride 2016, which was initially cancelled at the end of last week, will now go forward on August 13th, the same day as initially planned.

Tuesday night we went to Steelyard Commons for the 29th Annual Night Out Against Crime. It was our third time tabling there for Margaret W. Wong and Associates thanks to our friend, Ms. Chia-Min Chen who always arranges for us to have a table.

This was the 10th year that this event was held in this location and Ms. Kristen Zawitz, Operations Coordinator with First Interstate Properties did a fine job of planning it working in conjunction with the Community Relations Division of IMG_3347 Community Policing at the 2nd District of the Cleveland Police Department.

Pastor Nate Ortiz served as the emcee and at the beginning of the program we were addressed by such notables as Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, 2nd District Police Commander Tom Stacho, Captain Keith Sulzer from the 2nd District, Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley, Ward 12 Cleveland City Councilman Anthony Brancatelli, and Ward 3 Cleveland City Councilman Kerry McCormack. Councilman McCormack got a big cheer when he addressed the crowd entirely in Spanish.

We set up our table right next to that of Ms. Jacqueline Guevara, Community Relations Officer of District 13 of the IMG_3349U.S. Department of Homeland Security who graciously allowed our banner to overlap into her section. She told us that she used to see Ms. Wong quite frequently but not so much lately. We told her that Ms. Wong was still going stronger than ever, though.

Among the several people who stopped off at our booth were:

****An ESL teacher from the Merrick House who took some of our literature for possible referrals.

****Ms. Salima Smith from Cleveland Peace Makers who took a copy of Ms. Wong's book IMG_3344"The Immigrant's Way." She told us that she works with youth from all over our community and especially tries to help those who have immigrated here from other countries and are having a tough time getting adjusted to a new lifestyle.

****Ms. Lynette Filips also took a copy of Ms. Wong's book for a friend of IMG_3352hers who is a priest. She told us that he frequently works with people who have immigrated here from Middle Eastern countries.

****Ms. Elaine Michael who works in the Human Resources Dept. for the Marriott Hotels. Ms. Michael told us that she once talked to our Mr. Francis Fungsang about "F" visas and learned quite a bit from him.

****Mr. Roger Wiest who has his own Irish radio show. Mr. Wiest is a member of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians and has worked for immigration reform for years.

We also gave a copy of Ms. Wong's book to Destiny, a 6th grader who is studying immigration at her school.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC