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Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce Coffee Contacts; Networking at The 100th Bomb Group Restaurant

On Wednesday, July 27th, we attended two networking events a good distance from each other but well worth the drive.First of all, we rose early to make to another "Coffee Contacts" put on by the Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce. This one was held at IMG_3171KeyBank on South Broadway in Geneva; we liked this location because it was on a quintessential small city main street with a variety of colorful shops most of them individually owned and not part of a chain.

About 20 people turned out for this session, and we met a person who may need our help should a family member (by marriage) living in a faraway country decide to immigrate to the United States. We won a gift certificate to a local pizza restaurant that was donated by Mr. James Santiago from Crawford Insurance who we see frequently at these gatherings.

New members that we got to meet were the owners of "Great Lakes Astanga Yoga" which opened just a few months ago and is doing really well. We were pleased to hear that people of all ages are enjoying the benefits of yoga.

We also met Rich and Wink who are the key support of a local teen center called "The Grounds" where young people can hang out in a safe environment and do homework, play video games, eat snacks, and make new friends. Wink and Rich told us that their role is that of "grandparents" to the attendees and working there has been a great experience for them.

"We have a great bunch of kids," said Wink, "they are just a little orney at times, that's all."

That evening we went to the 100th Bomb Group Restaurant on Brookpark Road in Cleveland to do some networking with the North Coast Chamber of Commerce outside on the Observation Deck where it was hot but not uncomfortable.

All told we made about 20 new contacts including a businessperson who has a several clients from Lebanon. Another person made it a point to tell us that she appreciated what Margaret W. Wong and Associates does to help immigrants because she is a friend of a family who immigrated to the United States from a distant country and experienced a great deal of difficulty when they tried to obtain a visa for another family member to visit them in the United States. In this case, our own Homeland Security was fine with the family member coming here but the government of the distant country gave them a great deal of static before the visa was granted because it was afraid that the person would choose to remain here.IMG_3180

In light of immigration being a very hot topic in this year's presidential election, we were approached by several people who wanted to talk about immigration reform so we did and were encouraged by the how many of the people there were open to it. What's more, all of the people we talked to agreed with us that people who immigrate to the United States tend to be very hard-working, family oriented people who are a wonderful asset to all of us.

On a more personal note, we talked to a man who remembered meeting Ms. Margaret W. Wong at a networking function in Lakewood a while ago. In addition, a realtor told us that she had once sold a home to our Mr. George Hwang of Pearl of the Orient in Rocky River. She said that she really enjoyed working with Mr. Hwang.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC


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