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A Day at The Ceramics Expo at IX Center

On Wednesday, April 27th, we sent the whole day at Ceramics Expo at the IX Center talking to as many international exhibitors as possible and exchanging IMG_0492contact information. We were very fortunate that Ms. Margaret W. Wong, herself, and Mr. David Calevski, an attorney from our office, took the time to meet join us there and spend an hour and a half walking amongst the booths and introducing IMG_0500 ourselves to people. We were very impressed by the rapport that Ms. Wong quickly established with those from the Asian countries.

After Ms. Wong and Mr. Calevski left, we continued to network and had some good encounters with:

***Mr. Steve Hairson who used to work at British Petroleum years ago when Ms. Wong assisted British people who worked there. Mr. Hairson took a copy of "The Immigrant's Way" and said to be sure to say hello to Ms. Wong

IMG_0494 ***Mr. Arthur Holland who we sat with while we ate lunch. Mr. Holland immigrated to the United States from Great Britain in 1967 and became a U.S. citizen in 1973. He recalled initially arriving here on the Queen Mary.

***Mr. Tom Babej who is still very appreciative because Ms. Wong helped some friends of his who immigrated from Hungary in 1984.

***Mr. Benson Lee, President and CEO of Technical Management Incorporated (TMI), stopped by and asked if Ms. Wong was still there and was sorry to learn that she was not. They are old friends and he would have liked to say IMG_0501hello.

***Ms. Jutta Von Dirke who lives and works for a firm in Maine. We love Maine and always like to visit there so we discussed what it is like to live there. Of course, Ms. Von Dirke loves it there and, like us, appreciates the change of seasons. We also share a love for the famed author of horror/terror/suspense novels, Mr. Stephen King who has a residence in Bangor.

The day ended with a networking reception sponsored by CoorsTek where all some great pasta and salad was served. Before that evening, we had never before ridden on the IX Center Ferris Wheel but we did that night and we had a thrilling time.

The Ceramics Expo will run from 10am to 2:30pm or so on Thursday and we plan to go return for more tabling and (hopefully) making connections.



Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC.


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