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Cleveland Peace Action Meets at the Market Garden

 On Tuesday, October 11th, our one event was the meeting of Cleveland Peace Action at the Market Garden img_5242Brewery on West 25th Street. We decided to attend because the speaker was Mr. Frank Joyce, a renowned progressive activist and writer from Detroit. We wanted to ask Mr. Joyce about his views on the movement for immigration reform which we did during the Q and A.

 Mr. Joyce, a very thoughtful man, believed that the immigration reform movement was one of the best organized that he had seen in years. He was particularly impressed by what the dreamers have accomplished in terms of keeping their issues in forefront. He believed that the attention that they have been receiving lately goes beyond anything that Mr. Donald Trump has said or done or that the price of Gallo wine would be far greater if it were not for foreign-born workers.

 He said that the affixed orientation of commerce is so international now that the validity/concept of borders should be debated and that it was odd that capital flows freely all over the world but labor is often suppressed.

 Above all, Mr. Joyce believed all progressive movements (i.e. economic, peace, immigration, environment, gender and racial equality) would be stronger if they could understand how interconnected they all were and work in solidarity with each other.

 As for Cleveland, Mr. Joyce talked about the wonderful meal that he had just had at "Edwins Restaurant" in Shaker Square. He talked about how it was established by Mr. Brandon Chrostowski to teach culinary skills to former offenders and termed it a "remarkable project." What's more the service he received while he was eating there was "fabulous" and the food was "great."


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

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