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Eastern Lake County and the Mentor Chambers of Commerce Coffee Contacts

IMG_3089On Thursday, July 21st, we attended our twice monthly "Coffee Contacts" session put on by the Eastern Lake County and the Mentor Chambers of Commerce.

Today it was held on the patio of Sunset Harbor Bar and Grill which overlooks Lake Erie in Fairport Harbor. It was a great place to be on a warm, early morning. The co-owners of the establishment, Mr. Tom Moore and Ms. Trenda Jones, told us that it has been in business for 5 years and they are having a fabulous year due to the weather. Mr. Moore and Ms. Jones particularly recommended the Sunset Harbor Bar and Grill to those in the mood to  sit back and visit with friends, bask in the sunlight, eat good food while beholding the beauty of the lake. This sounds pretty good to us particularly as the hustle-bustle of the RNC is coming to a close.

A person we connected with was Ms. Marybeth Stucker of the "Launchhouse" located in Highland Heights. We looked up its website after we got home and learned that it is a "dynamic, collaborative business community that provides companies with education, investment, mentorship, office space and access to a key network of resources from our region in order to accelerate bringing a product to market."

Later in the morning, Ms. Stucker sent us an email thanking us for "helping and supporting Cleveland's many immigrants" which was very kind of her.

We also talked to Ms. Loretta Mitchell from the Painesville Community Theatre which is located at the First Church Congregational in Painesville who we tabled next to all of the previous weekend at Painesville Party in the Park. Unfortunately, Ms. Moore was ill so she couldn't be there at that time.

The mission of the Painesville Community Theatre "is to inspire, nurture, challenge and educate by sponsoring dance, music, poetry and performance art as well as theater. We want to build loving relationships and engage multicultural people in strengthening their sense of self-worth and identity. Each individual will experience the passion for their purpose in life".

The daughter of a friend of ours took part in last year's summer program and liked it a lot. From what we have heard from the people that we have talked to, we believe that it is an excellent organization and would like to see it continued.

Our other event for Thursday was the "Back to School Family BBQ and Fiesta" put on by the Lincoln-West School of Global Studies at Lincoln-West High SchoolIMG_3092.

Ms. Margaret W. Wong is a member of the "Friends of Lincoln-West" so we attended this event to learn about the new happenings there. We got to talk to Dr. Irene Javier, Lincoln-West Principal, who told us that starting this year Lincoln-West High School will be divided into three different sections/schools which will consist of the School of Global Studies, the School of Health Studies and the traditional high school. The Schools of Global and Health Studies will be Year-Round schools that will start classes on Monday, July 25th, whereas the traditional high school will start on August 14th.

IMG_3094On this day there was good food and a DJ present so quite a few of the people there, including Dr. Javier, enjoyed themselves by playing Limbo.

We talked to a nice man whose son is looking forward to participating in the Global Studies School. It turned out that the family had to flee the Congo and live in Rwanda for 17 years before they were allowed to come to the United States as refugees just two months ago.IMG_3095

We were told that the boy speaks fine French and is learning English as fast as he can. The father worked as a teacher in Rwanda and hopes to get such a job in Cleveland very soon. We talked to him about Cleveland winters and the man raised his eyebrows and said that he had heard all about them; of course in the land from where they came there are basically just two seasons which could be dubbed "rainy" and "sunny".

We look forward to interviewing our new friend for "I, Foreign Born."


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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