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2016 Lakewood Summer Meltdown

Our other event for Saturday was the 2016 Lakewood Summer Meltdown in which a large section of Detroit Avenue was closed to automobiles and open to vendors, passers-by, and those walking their dogs.

IMG_2822On the last point, as we tabled there for Margaret W. Wong and Associates a variety of lovable-looking dogs waddled by our booth and we wished we could take several of them home.

The Meltdown lasted from 4pm to 7:30pm and Ms. Lori Uldricks, who has been assisting at the Meltdown for 3 years now filled us in on its history. Apparently, it started about 7 years ago with only 15 vendors and a 5K run. Three years ago there were 35 vendors, a 5K run, and 5,000 people in attendance. But the numbers kept increasing so by 2016 there were 75 vendors, a 5K run, and 8,000 to 10,000 people expected to partake.

Fortunately for us, the location of our booth was near Gladys and Detroit Avenue so we had access to excellent food from the Root Café, less than half a block away.

In fact, we were right across the street from the YWCA booth where Zumba was performed for at least an hour. Our friend, Ms. Kim Hunyor from PFLAG was one of the performers so she invited us to enjoy the Zumba experience but, sadly, we were a bit tired due to our participation in the "Walk for Justice" earlier in the day.

Accordingly, we decided to sit back at our table and let people come to us which is exactly what happened.

Among those who came were:IMG_2820

***A young man who immigrated to the United States from Kenya 15 years ago stopped by to say hello. He now has a Green Card and plans to apply for U.S. Citizenship in 3 years.

***A young woman from Europe took our contact information because her first attempt at getting a Green Card failed. She is now here because of the H1B visa program but wants to move to the next level.

***We talked to our good friend, Ohio State Rep. Nickie Antonio when she stopped off at our booth. Needless to say, Ohio State Rep. Antonio opposes the proposed anti-Sharia laws just as we do.

***Lakewood Municipal Court Judge Pat Carroll said to say hello to his good friend, Ms. Margaret W. Wong.

***Mr. Jim O'Brien the publisher of the "Lakewood Observer" stopped by to say that it was good that Margaret W. Wong and Associates was tabling there.

***A woman who said her son-in-law is a staunch republican but he is threatening to move to Cuba (of all places) if Mr. Donald Trump is elected to serve as our next U.S. President.

***An elderly woman named Dorothy wandered over and said that we should send a copy of all our literature to "Trumpy Baby"; she calls him that because that's what he acts like. She then proceeded to do an imitation of Mr. Trump pouting that was almost comical in its accuracy.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

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