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NBA Finals: Cavs vrs Golden State Warriors

On Sunday evening, June 19th, I watched the CAVS game which won them the NBA championship with some friends in Washington, DC where I had gone to attend a conference. I can only say that I wished I were in Cleveland to share in the merriment.

 It seems that most of my life I have found sports boring for some reason. My parents did their best to try to get me involved but whenever I attended actual events, or attempted to watch them on television, my mind kept getting distracted and I hoped halftime would hurry up and arrive so I could leave my seat and head to the refreshment counter.

 Oddly I never experienced this situation with movies, ever since my parents took me to see Walt Disney's "Pinocchio" in 1961 when I was 4 years old I was completely hooked. I could/can sit through any bomb and enjoy it.

 Conditions changed a little bit when my son was born. He just loved sports and I loved taking him to local baseball and ice hockey games.

 But I can honestly say that I never deliberately sought out a particular sporting event to watch by myself except for the boxing rematch between Muhammad Ali and Leon Spinks back in 1978 largely because I accidentally stumbled across their first fight in 1977 as I was aimlessly switching channels and wanted to see how things ultimately turned out between the two of them.

 Nevertheless, even a "sports atheist" living in Cleveland such as myself couldn't possibly not be aware of what was going on with the CAVS over the past week. It didn't matter if a person was a man or a woman; democrat or republican; or what their ethnicity or sexual orientation was-the CAVS were our team and the intensity generated by this series was sweeping the city.

 And even though I didn't watch the first six games, every night I would check the final score on my computer before I went to sleep. Except for LeBron James I didn't know anything about any of the other players or much about the game of basketball itself but I cared because I could both observe and sense how much this meant to so many people.

Thus on Sunday night I settled in to watch the game with my friends at their home. I was sort of keeping myself in check because I was of the opinion that winning 3 games in a row would be a tough feat to pull off. My more sports-oriented friends were more optimistic but still cautious because they realized that if the CAVS fell 10 points behind (conventional wisdom) they were in trouble.

 The shifting lead never got to be that wide and what unfolded was a super-charged suspense drama being played out on the basketball court. I couldn't sit still for the last 2 minutes and had to pace the floor.

 When the final buzzer went off and the CAVS emerged victorious, there were high fives and tearful eyes all around where I was as we watched the ecstatic crowd do much the same thing and then some on the avenues, homes, and gathering places of Cleveland.

 I spent next day networking at the human resources conference in Washington, DC. Whenever I said I was from Cleveland, people smiled, shook my hand, and told me congratulations.

 Who knows about our future but whatever it is, it is off to a good start!


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC


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