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Heights-Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce breakfast at The Hilton Garden Inn

On Thursday, June 16th, we ate breakfast and lunch at two chamber of commerce events where we met people who were familiar with Ms. Margaret W. Wong as well as our office.IMG_2162First, we attended the Heights-Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn in Mayfield Village. There we talked to Mr. Brian N. Edelstein, Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. Mr. Edelstein is a good friend of our Ms. Joyce Graham as well as both Ms. Margaret W. Wong and Ms. Cecilia Wong. We talked to a man who is thinking of helping a young person from Africa immigrate to the United States to help him with his business and promised to keep us in mind.

The speaker for the day was Mr. Jim Smith, Executive Happiness Coach who has worked with people from 27 countries and 6 continents. The topic of Mr. Smith's presentation was "trust" which he said is an action; a set of behaviors to be practiced; nurtured through conversation; a choice, a decision; a learned skill; and requires commitment. A good definition of the verb "trust" itself would be "believing (knowing, predicting) that the other person will come through for me-deliver on their promise(s)-and that I will be safe with them."

Among the other things that we explored with Mr. Smith as our guide were the costs of low trust within a place of employment and the benefits of high trust.IMG_2196

Ms. Liz Wigginton; Event Liaison of Off-Site Catering for Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern in Twinsburg; contributed a lot to the conversation when she spoke about how trust is defined and practiced differently in other cultures. We spoke to her afterwards and learned that she had traveled to quite a few countries in her time including Japan, Bolivia, Ecuador and Panama. We spoke for a few minutes and we found her to be a fascinating person to converse with due to her fine range of experience as an international traveler.

We then had lunch at the Frostville Museum in North Olmstead with members of the chambers of commerce under the "Power of More" umbrella including those from the Fairview Park, North Olmsted, North Coast, Olmsted, North Ridgeville, and West Shore chambers.

Chick-fil-A provided the food so we enjoyed an excellent veggie wrap served with two kinds of salads. We gave the IMG_2198cookie and the potato chips back (due to our diet) even though they looked delicious.

Dollar Bank was the key sponsor so Mr. Brian D. Tucker, VP/Director of Corporate Affairs spoke to us for a few minutes about its history. We learned that Dollar Bank was first established in 1855 in Pittsburgh and quickly acquired the reputation as a working person's bank because other banks were requiring at least $50.00 up front to open an account but Dollar Bank, at a time when most people were only making $.90 daily, only required $1.00 as an initial deposit.

It was also noteworthy that the first woman to open her very own account at Dollar Bank (about a week after it opened) was a Ms. Ellen Elliot who immigrated to the United States from Ireland.

We later talked to Mr. Tucker who was very glad to meet us because he is an old friend of Ms. Margaret W. Wong. Other friends of Ms. Wong who were at the Frostville Museum were Mr. Robbie Anderson who used to work for Continental Airlines and now works for State Farm Insurance where he is very happy, and Dr. Ann Hartle Proudfit, Ph.D., who is Dean of Student Affairs at the Westshore Campus at Cuyahoga Community College. Dr. Hartle is very familiar with Ms. Wong because due to her involvement with the Tri-C Foundation Board.

We also met a woman who is preparing to open her own business hopefully by the end of July. We suggested that she consider taking on international students as interns because she said that she needs people who are willing to work hard and excel. She considered this for a moment before she said that she had never thought of this before but she just might look into it.


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