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858 People Granted Citizenship In Error: We're Here For You

The US federal government announced September 19, 2016, they mistakenly naturalized more than eight hundred people, at least two of whom are under investigation by the FBI. Why did this mistake occur?  Because the Department of Homeland Security was not able to match their fingerprints.

What happens now?

"These people will likely either be charged criminally or will be subject to civil denaturalization proceedings," said Scott Bratton, Margaret W. Wong & Associastes LLC immigration attorney. "This is a long process and these people will need counsel if contacted by any government agency regarding this."

If you are a new American, and if you think it's possible you were naturalized when you should not have been, you should seek the advice of an immigration attorney immediately.

"We are pleased to meet with you," said Margaret Wong. "You should find out now if you can reasonably expect to fight losing your citizenship."

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