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26th Annual Anniversary Celebration of The Ohio Hispanic Coalition

Several weeks ago we received an invitation to go to the Boat House Restaurant in Columbus at noon on Friday, September 16th, to take part in the 26th annual anniversary celebration of the Ohio Hispanic Coalition, a 501(c)3 IMG_4546based in Columbus whose mission is "to improve the well being and quality of life of all Hispanics/Latinos through advocacy, education, training and access to quality services."

As its President and CEO, Ms. Julia Arbini Carbonell said during the program, a great part of the Latino/Hispanic culture is about people building relations with each other and the organizations/businesses/governmental offices of their communities. Thus, understandably, the vision of the Ohio Hispanic Coalition is commitment "to creating collaborative partnerships to promote general awareness, including social, educational, and economic advancement of Ohio's Hispanic population."

 Among the accomplishments of this organization are the establishment of an interpreter service program; a bilingual after school and summer enrichment program for low-income children; and a program to help obtain quality health care for pregnant women and their children.

 We introduced ourselves to Ms. Carbonell as well as Mr. Josue Vicente and Mr. Kenneth Ramos, who are respectively the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors. They told us that they were indeed aware of the work of Margaret W. Wong and Associates (which has an office in Columbus) and have sometimes consulted with us on immigration matters.IMG_4543

We visited for a few minutes with Ms. Anamaria Perales-Lang who, along with several other people/organizations, would be receiving a "Padrino Award" at this luncheon which is given to those "who have provided mentorship, assistance and support to the vision, mission, and work the Ohio Hispanic Coalition does on behalf of Latino families in Central Ohio."

 Ms. Perales-Lang told us that she is a transplant here from Texas and begin her association with the Ohio Hispanic Coalition years ago when she attended one of its functions as a guest. She told us that she was very honored to receive the award because loves working with people "who really help other people from the heart."

 At lunch we enjoyed visiting with Mr. Eric Carr and his wife, Ms. Deanna Carr, whose daughter Ms. Caitlynn Carr is a research assistant and general go-to person in Coalition's office and, by all accounts, doing an excellent job with it.

 On our way to the Ohio Hispanic Coalition Luncheon, we accidentally walked into the wrong room in the Boat House and found ourselves at the local democratic club monthly meeting. We got to say hello to our friend, Ms. Frances Strickland and talk to Ms. Libby Kalbouse who, as it turned out, is good friends with Mr. Andy Fedynsky of Cleveland's Ukrainian Museum-Archives. Ms. Kalbouse laughed and we both agreed that it is indeed a small world and one never knows who one will encounter who has a mutual friend.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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