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2016 Spirit of HRCC Awards

On Thursday night we went to the "2016 Spirit of HRCC Awards" in which four members were honored for their contributions to the Heights-Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce.

IMG_2628These honorees were Mr. Jay Fernandez from 10,000 Small Businesses; Ms. Gail Moore from Dollar Bank; Ms. Liz Palchick from the Hilton Garden Inn/700 Beta; and Ms. Karen Poelking from Notre Dame College who said to be sure to say "hello" to Ms. Margaret W. Wong. Accompanying Ms. Poelking were Ms. Shawna Whitlock and Ms. Tina Jurcisin, her colleagues from Notre Dame who also knew Ms. Wong.

Almost 50 people RSVP'd to attend this event so Ms. Angie Pohlman, Executive Director of the HHRC, noted that this chamber (which has been around for 68 years) should be around for many years more.

This event was held at TPI Efficiency located on Center Street in the Flats. The building itself has quite a history having been built as a metal forgery in the late 1800's  Mr. Angelo Faggionato, Channel Account Manager at TPI,  explained to us that the firm does consulting work to help businesses lower their operating costs in such areas as electricity, natural gas, LED Lighting, telecommunications, credit card processing and waste disposal. Sometimes they are able to reduce costs by 30% to 60%. TPI is certainly a fast growing company because when Mr. Faggionato first started to work there in 2011 there were only 6 employees but now there are 45 and approximately 3,500 clients.

We networked throughout the evening with such people as Mr. Charles Valenches, TPI Consultant, who journeyed here from the same part of California as we come from.

We also spoke with a person about the challenges that a friend of his faced when seeking employment in Canada; if the Canadian business' job description hadn't fit him to a "t" they would have had to hire a more local person.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

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