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2016 Immigration Conference at Ohio Northern University School of Law Career Services and the ONU Immigration Law Association

On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, our attorney Francis Fungsang, Partner in charge of the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Practice Group, and the Corporate Law Practice Group, and Marketing Manager Gordon Landefeld, journeyed to Ada, Ohio, to attend the Ohio Northern University College of Law's 2016 Immigration Conference, co-sponsored by the ONU Immigration Law Association. Jane Ward, director of ONU Law's Career Center, and Nataly Mualem, President of the law school's nascent Immigration Law Association, invited us to present.

The three hour conference, from noon to 3 pm, was attended by ONU law students, law alumni, and ONU undergraduate and graduate international students, including from Asia and the Middle East. Topics discussed included "Immigration Law and Careers in Immigration Law," and "Immigration Law as it pertain to International Students."


Jane Ward and Nataly Mualem welcome Francis Fungsang and Gordon Landefeld to ONU Law


Landefeld started the conference with "Marketing the Law Firm," addressing about the importance of websites, social media and advertising. Then Fungsang talked about the business end of running a law firm -- the financial, the bill collecting, and hiring and firing staff.  The second hour, an ONU Law student asked about taking on immigration cases for the first time.

"We don't let a new employee go to court by herself the first time," Francis said. "There's a training process, that starts with observation, and slowly grows into experience."

An alum asked how to find immigration business.  Francis suggested becoming familiar with international organizations in town or the region. Get involved, and let them know you're interested in helping with immigration issues. Answer questions and gain their trust.  They'd much rather work with a local attorney than travel across the state or across the country to get the best care.

Francis Fungsang and the "Lessons Beyond Law School."

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