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2016 Power of More Golf Outing

On Monday, August 8th, our event for the day was dinner at the 2016 Westshore/Fairview Park Power of More Golf Outing held at the Avon Oaks Country Club on Detroit Road in Avon.

IMG_3509 Around 130 local golfers took part in this annual event and it seemed that everyone we talked too was in agreement that the number one priority was to have a good time which was very easy to do because of the beautiful weather that this day had to offer. One golfer seemed to say it all when he/she said that "we're not on tour here, we just want to do a little networking and have some fun." Ms. Erin Craig, an assistant pro, collected all of the score cards as we all gathered for a great dinner and door prizes.

When it became known that we worked for an immigration attorney, one of the people there good-naturedly made the comment that he/she wasn't sure a wall across the U.S./Mexican Border would work because, "if we build a 20 foot wall, the person trying to climb over it will just have to find a 22 foot ladder!" IMG_3512

We then exchanged contact information with a person who had questions about visa/passport requirements involving taking an infant out of the country.

We shared a table with Mr. Jay B. Shackelford with First National Bank and, as it turned out, the day's two top golfers Mr. Alexander Hahn, Jr., Principal with River Benefits Consulting Group, and Mr. Andy Lembach, Chief Marketing Officer, with Spooner Risk Control.

As Mr. John Sobelewski, Executive Director of the North Coast Chamber of Commerce, said that purpose of the golf outing was to raise money for scholarships for deserving students and, by the looks of things, this was a very successful day in that regard. In addition, special donations were made to representatives of the Fairview Park City School and the Westshore Chamber Educational Foundation.

Before we left, we had the fortune to talk to Mr. Jim Chillemi, a very nice man who used to own "James Dominic's Italian Restaurant" in Westlake, Ohio. Naturally he knew of and was a friend of our Mr. George Hwang of Rocky River's Pearl of the Orient. Mr. Chillemi told us that he once employed a guy who was an excellent chef who he believed now worked for us named Leo Shipcka. We assured him that Mr. Schipcka did indeed work for Margaret W. Wong and Associates and we believe him to be a very valued employee.

(Just kidding, we do not know what we would do without Leo)


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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