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4th Annual Feed the Need in at the TownHall restaurant


On Tuesday, November 22nd, we spent the day at helping out at the 4th Annual "Feed the Need" in at the "TownHall" restaurant in Ohio City. Mr. Bobby George, the owner of the "TownHall", puts on this event each year to make sure that the less fortunate in Cleveland have access to a good Thanksgiving meal. Accordingly there was turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes with a marshmallow topping, mixed vegetables and pumpkin pie for dessert.


At the request of Ms. Margaret W. Wong who strongly supports our taking part in projects like this that really benefit our community, this was our third year assisting at this gathering; and we were only one of hundred volunteers who turned out to serve between 3,000 and 4,000 meals. In other years we spooned out cranberry sauce into little cups and placed dishes containing slices of pumpkin pie on serving trays but this year our entire emphasis was clean-up. Thus we donned plastic gloves, obtained a rag sprayed with disinfectant and went to work clearing tables and wiping them down. To be sure, we didn't need to go to the gym on this day because our duties included dragging out heavy trash barrels to the dumpster.


Nevertheless, the spirits of ourselves and the other volunteers were wonderfully high and we were assisted in no small part by the compassionate leadership of Mr. George, Mr. Brian Day, and Mr. Dan Inks who acted as our supervisors. And, of course, the charming Sister Corita Ambro from St. Augustine Hunger Center stood by theentrance throughout the day and warmly greeted everyone who walked through it.

Several sports figures and local celebrities stopped by to help serve food and/or cheer on the project which meant a lot to us and those we were serving. Among the special guests was the iconic former football player/movie star, Mr. Jim Brown. Even though we do not follow sports very well, we were very aware of Mr. Brown's film career so we complimented him on a western that he made in the early 1960's titled "Rio Conchos" that was actually his first movie. Mr. Brown was surprised that we had seen "Rio Conchos" because it was not a big hit at the time (since then ithas acquired a following) so we explained to him that our dad just loved westerns and took us to every one that played at the local cinema when we were growing up.

When we departed, Mr. Brown offered to shake hands with us but we were still wearing the tight plastic gloves which by now were a bit dirty so we simply tapped our fists together and grinned.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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