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Time Capsule Burial in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens

On Sunday, November 20th, we were among about 20 people who gathered in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens img_6175 around 2pm at the Kiosk on MLK Blvd. between St. Clair and Superior Avenues to bury a time capsule containing documentation of important events that took place in Cleveland in 2016 especially all the happenings concerning the centennial celebration of the Gardens.

Among the people attending were Mr. Pierre Bejjani, Mr. Tom Turkaly, Ms. Sheila Crawford, Mr. Chris Ronayne, Ms. Natalie Ronayne, Mr. Asim Datta, Ms. Erika Puusaar, Ms. Anda Cook, Mr. Mehmet Gencer, Mr. Dan Hanson, Mr. Karl Ewing, and Mr. Paul Burik who came up with the idea of the time capsule and organized the event.

Also with us visiting from Texas was Mr. Ewing's sister, Ms. Evelyn Lorenz who, along with ourselves, was the only img_6185one who liked Cleveland's suddenly cold weather. And cold it most certainly was as evidenced by our car's thermostat which put the temperature at 36 degrees which did not include the ever-present wind chill factor and the  snow flurries that were increasingly present.

To everyone's relief, no speeches were made at the site but we all signed our names on the capsule (we added that of Ms. Margaret W. Wong who is a big supporter of the img_6168Gardens) before we buried it and then planted some daffodils in the loose earth surrounding the hole. After the capsule was buried, a stone was placed there indicating that we would dig it up again in 2041 which is 25 years from now.

All of us then retreated to the Rockefeller Green House where we shared coffee, good memories of the Gardens' centennial, and a special cake commemorating the Gardens' 100th birthday. Even though we will be 85 years old in 2041, we plan to be there in 2041 when the time capsule is resurrected.

As a member of our party quipped, "by then Cleveland will have won a Super Bowl!"


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

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