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Swetland Project Evening Reception at MWW Immigration Center

An important Evening Reception of the Swetland  Project, sponsored by Margaret W. Wong and Associates was held  on Thursday, November 10, 2016 at MWW Immigration Center in Cleveland.

20161110_175602Mrs. Wong started the introduction and welcome remarks by welcoming the audience of a predominantly Asian/Chinese Senior population and introducing Dr. Li Li, who is a Mary Ann Swetland Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and Ms. Rose Wong, founder of Pearl of the Orient Restaurant in Cleveland, highlighting the importance of “Healthy Asian Cooking Demonstration”.  Mrs. Rose Wong started the demonstration of actual Chinese healthy cooking by stressing the importance of having healthy and vegetarian ingredients used at The Pearl Restaurant, which has been consistently voted Best Chinse Restaurant by local newspapers and magazines, and has appeared in national magazines and newspapers articles, including USA Today.

20161110_193020Dr. Li Li, who has had over 25 years of experience as a primary care doctor and family practitioner, as well as a Mary Ann Swetland Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine,strongly emphasized through his primary research and training, the great importance of disease prevention, including Cancer Epidemiology/Prevention and Cardiovascular Disease.

Dr. Li Li also focused on the issue of culture within the diverse Asian communities, particularly the Chinese culture, as he described as, “having their own unique culture to reduce health disparity”. Further, Dr. Li Li drove his main theme about the “Acculturation and Health Disparities in Asian Populations by stressing his main idea, and showing the damaging impact of obesity and non-healthy eating, as he put it, “obesity and unhealthy eating are considered to be strong weapons of mass destruction”, leading to unfortunate and unwanted diseases, such as Heart problems, Cancer, Diabetes, and other disastrous and fatal diseases.

20161110_175446Attendees of this important event enjoyed samples of the fresh and healthy Chinese food prepared by Mrs. Rose Wong during her demonstration of what many of the Senior citizens and others described as “it is mainly very healthy, fresh and delicious, and we should be extra careful of what we eat, and mainly focus on what is healthy food, free of any chemical products, which can prevent diseases and stop obesity”.

By:  George Koussa, Public Relations Administrator &

Arabic Translator-Interpreter

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