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Lake Health Care Holds Free Health Fair in Mentor

On Sunday, October 16th, we started our day at a tabling for Margaret W. Wong and Associates at a free health fair put on by Lake Health at its Mentor Campus. According to what we were told by Ms. Melissa A. Loop, RN, who helped to organize the event, some two hundred people of all ethnicities were expected to attend this program that was funded by the American Cancer Society, Lake Health, the Lake Health Foundation, and the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.img_5383

Among the screenings that were offered were those for blood pressure, blood sugar,  and cholesterol. There was also Reiki therapy, chair massages, an activity area for children and a free lunch.

We soon discovered that our "Margaret W. Wong and Associates" pens would be quite popular because people needed to fill out forms as they stood in line. A couple of people offered to give back our pens when they were done but we told them to go ahead and keep them-one never knows when a pen will come in handy and it might help them remember our office should they ever have to deal with a situation pertaining to immigration.

We stayed at the health fair for a couple of hours and then left to drive to Avon Lake to attend a fundraiser for our friend, U.S. Congressperson Marcy Kaptur at the Legacy Restaurant and Grille on Jaycox Avenue. All told, quite a img_5363 few local democratic clubs joined forces to put on this event including those of Avon Lake, Lakewood, Rocky River, and Westlake.

When it became time for Congressperson Kaptur to make her remarks, she was introduced by Mayor Greg Zilka of Avon Lake who said that the U.S. Congressperson had done a great job for the Avon Lake community since they became part of her constituency in 2013 and had been doing a great job for the Toledo community for the past 32 years.

During the course of her talk, U.S. Congressperson Kaptur emphasized that the health of Lake Erie is very much in need of our attention. She said that phosphorus levels were too high and the three states surrounding the Lake and Canada need to get together and set some limits because a warmer lake produces algae that is a potential detriment to the health of many should its toxins get into our fresh water systems. She also talked about the risks caused by the Asian Carp to other species of fish in Lake Erie.

On the positive side, she was very happy about the prospects of LeedCo building research wind turbines in Lake Erie because wind is more and more becoming a viable energy source and, here in Northeast Ohio, we have the potential to be what the Saudi Arabia is to oil.

Among the other things that U.S. Congressperson Kaptur discussed were a steel residue clean-up project in Lorain, the heroin/opioid crisis, coastal tourism, and a creative way to deal with student loan debt.

As for the 2016 election, she said that she felt good about the chances of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton becoming the next President of the United States but did not like the ugliness that has surrounded the U.S. Presidential election as a whole.img_5367

We talked to her for a moment about immigration reform which we know that she supports. She said that she was heartened by recent meetings that have been taking place between Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Muslim community.

It was a beautiful fundraiser and Ms. Karen Connavino and Ms. Wendy Balodis did a fine job organizing it.

We got to meet several people who had friends who were having a tough time trying to immigrate to the United States from Great Britain and Ireland. We took the information and said that we would see what we could do to help them. We also talked to people who knew people that had immigrated to the United States from Israel and the Philippines with the help of Margaret W. Wong and Associates.

Above all, we were glad to be there for U.S. Congressperson Kaptur. Another thing that Mayor Zilka said while he was introducing her was that he had a friend who lived in Oberlin (that used to be part of her district until the last reapportionment) who kept telling him how good U.S. Congressperson Kaptur was but he didn't buy it 100% because he didn't believe that anyone could be that good. But after she became his U.S. Congressperson, Mayor Zilka said that he had to admit that "yes" she really is that good.


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