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5th Annual Hispanic Heritage, Hispanic Art exhibition

On Thursday night we went to the Beck Center for the Arts in on Detroit Avenue in Lakewood for the Artist's Reception for the 5th Annual "Hispanic Heritage, Hispanic Art" exhibition.

As the flyer advertising this exhibition stated, it was a celebration of "working professionals from our region and showcases the diversity of the Hispanic culture that enriches our local community. Included are the dynamic works of Augusto Bordelois, Angelina Esperanza Diana, Terry Flores, Dr. Maria Pujana, Bess Rodriguez-Richard, Dante Rodriguez, Jose Vasquez. While their styles and mediums are very different, the artists share a common thread of representing the Hispanic culture."

fullsizerender-1We took a friend of ours who had never been to the Beck Center before to this event and we were very grateful to Ms. Rennie Tisdale, the Customer Service Manager, for taking a few minutes to explain the history of the Beck Center and all of the programs that it has to offer.

At 7:30pm, Ms. Lucinda B. (Cindy) Einhouse, the Beck Center's President and Chief Executive Officer, began the evening program by thanking Mr. Ed Gallagher, Director of Education, and Ms. Darrelle Anne Centuori, Associate Director of Visual Arts Education, for organizing this reception. She also thanked our friend, Dr. Maria Pujana for bringing some great mango mousse for which we were in full agreement.

The next speaker was Ms. Centuori who said that all of the artists involved in this exhibition were brought together by the common bond of their Hispanic heritage and by their vocation of creating art that means so much to them.

Ms. Einhouse said that all of the art in the exhibition was for sale and a portion of the proceeds would go towards the scholarship that Dr. Pujana and Ms. Mari Galindo-DaSilva established three years ago that aids budding young Hispanic artists with financial needs.

Dr. Pujana then introduced Ms. Gabriela Irizarry, a young scholarship recipient who is an 11th grader at Lincoln-West High School who Dr. Pujana called "a wonderful young star!"

Both Ms. Einhouse and Dr. Pujana gave special thanks to Ms. Margaret W. Wong who was the first one to contribute to the scholarship and for her consistent support of it.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

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