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Time at The Cleveland Children's Museum

On Thursday, August 25th, we went to an event on behalf of the Cleveland Children's Museum that was held at the museum's new location, the Stager-Beckwith Mansion at 3813 Euclid Avenue.

IMG_3962Upon arrival we were greeted by Ms. Eva M. Jansen who works with Mr. Stephen M. Tokar of Tokar Event Design who created the ambiance for the evening. All told, it was comparable to attending an elegant ball of yesteryear with rows of candles on the stairs leading down to the ballroom where there were food stations, an accomplished band, and plenty of room to move around and talk to friends and/or new acquaintances.

On the walls there  were large pictures showing how all the different rooms will look like once the renovation of the mansion has been completed and the museum re-opens hopefully in the Fall of 2017.

We soon met Ms. Cathy Lincoln and her mother, Ms. Emma Lincoln who live not far from Ms. Margaret W. Wong as was also the case with Ms. Margaret Cohen from Shaker Heights.IMG_3949

Afterwards we milled around talking to all sorts of nice people like Mr. Brian Loren who showed us photos of his beautiful "Glen of Imaal" Irish terrier who has successfully competed in dog shows. We are thinking of getting a dog, ourselves, so Mr. Loren gave us some helpful advice in terms of choosing an appropriate dog for us.

We spied our friend, Ms. Mary Zaller, who we will see again on Saturday night at the annual HRC dinner, and talked to another person who told us that Ms. Margaret W.Wong helped her to obtain her green card when she immigrated to the United States from Canada years ago.

Children Museum Educators Ms. Kelsey Tarase and Ms. Shannon Post spoke to us about their hopes for the re-located, much bigger Museum and Ms. Maria Campanelli, Executive Director of the Cleveland Children's Museum, told us that she was very happy to have Margaret W. Wong and Associates as their new neighbor which was an acute observation because we are just one street over and a few blocks away.


As elegant as it was, we had to leave the Museum event to travel over to the Hildebrandt Provisions Company on Walton Avenue to attend "Fiesta de Te" which was a fundraiser for Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy organized by Ms. Hilda Abreu, Community Organizer from Stockyard, Clark-Fulton & Brooklyn Centre Community Development Office; and Ms. Paula Hershman, the owner of Storehouse Tea which operates out of the Hildebrandt Building.

We are always happy to encounter Ms. Maria Bozak, Guidance Counselor at Thomas Jefferson and  Reverend Omar Medina did a good job as emcee. In the course of the evening we were entertained by musicians and student performers.

We chose to take a tour of the building(s) guided by Ms. Marjorie Hildebrandt who told us about the different enterprises going on there mostly concerning art and food. Plus, as Ms. Hildebrandt told us, her husband Mr. Bill Hildebrandt, the Property Manager/Owner loves to help "those who are on the way up" in terms of providing space for them to work on their projects.

While we were taking the tour, we told a man that we work for Margaret W. Wong and Associates and he said that it was only appropriate because a lot of European immigrants found employment there.

We wanted to follow-up with this so after the tour we spoke with Mr. Bill Hildebrandt who confirmed that Mr. Charles Robert Hildebrandt, who first started his business in 1908 and became established in this location in 1926, a German immigrant himself, hired a lot of people who immigrated here from other countries, mainly Germany, and provided them with housing. He did this throughout his very prosperous career.

We hope that this fundraiser was a success because, as we learned, the $20 that we paid for a ticket could provide a Thomas Jefferson student with a new school uniform and enough school supplies to last him/her through winter.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC


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