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Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce Coffee Contacts

On Wednesday, August 24th, we attended another Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce  "coffee contacts" this time at the Madison Library on Middle Ridge Road.

A lot of the talk there evolved around the IMG_3937fundraiser that will be given for the library on September 19th at Grand River Cellars, a winery on Middle Ridge Road in South Madison. We hope that we will be able to attend because we have gone to several events at this excellent library and would like to see its service to the community continued. Along these lines Ms. Nancy Currie, the library director, was hailed as an "icon" in the community.

Other uplifting news came from Mr. Jack Holl of "Jack's Pools and Spas" who told us that this hot summer has understandably been just great for his business. As for us, let's just say that we have appreciated it very much when we have been allowed to table INDOORS at a festival.

There were several new people at "coffee contacts" this morning including Mr. Jon Torres with "Warner Cable"; Mr. Greg Tarr, chef and owner of "Chow Down", a local catering firm; Mr. Greg Steinke, a local realtor with Keller Williams Realty; and Mr. Tim Brown and Mr. Frank Walland who are, respectively, Madison Township's new administrator and zoning inspector.

We also met a person who owns a local winery/restaurant who told us that her business both employs and is frequented by college students and young people, some of whom might be foreign-born, so she was more than happy to take our contact information in case a situation pertaining to immigration should arise.

We also met a Mr. William A. Payne, a local Painesville attorney who deals with estate planning. Once again, here was a person more than happy to share contact info because he was aware of the excellent reputation of Ms. Margaret W. Wong. In fact, Mr. Payne said very respectfully that a person in the legal profession in Northeast Ohio who has not heard of Ms. Wong must not be paying very good attention to what was going on around him/her.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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