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Foreign Born Chinese will Improve the USA

People who were born in China will soon become a much larger percentage of the overall population of the United States than ever before. That is hoped to be just the most obvious result of the recent revelation from the White House that visitors, students and business people from China will enjoy greatly augmented visa durations.

We know what Chinese people want in the USA.  They want exactly what Americans born both in the US and everywhere else on the globe want: they want the American Dream.  In no other country in the world are a relatively large percentage people who start out modestly in life able to achieve relatively great wealth and position.

Not only is the middle class in the US is far wealthier than most middle classes around the world, but even the population of the US living in poverty are far wealthier than impoverished people around the world, even considering the considerably higher costs of living in the US.

Chinese are not coming to the US to be impoverished. They are coming to work hard, and to make money. They are also coming to have fun as tourists, to learn as students, to augment the US labor force as investors and trained labor, and to reap the benefits of living in a free society.  Many will become citizens, and many will also choose to return home.

Both the US and China will be richer for the experience of people born in China, and able to spend time in the USA.  Many cultures around the world literally think that the streets of US cities are paved with gold.  Visitors, students and foreign workers soon learn the gold is metaphorical.  The streets are just like any street around the world.  It’s the opportunities that are paved with gold.

Few other places in the world can a person trained in one discipline retrain in another, and expect to be successful.  Outside the USA, an English teacher generally cannot retrain to become an attorney.  Agriculture workers cannot retrain to become medical doctors.  And those trained to operate heavy machinery cannot retrain to fly aircraft.  Just the opposite in the US.

Few other places in the world permit an engineer to simultaneously be a successful musician.  Or a medical doctor to simultaneously be a successful painter.  Or a homemaker to grow a vast business empire by starting a mail order business.  In other countries where success is largely available, the opportunities for “renaissance people,” or those with multiple talents, to succeed at more than just their day job, are almost nonexistent.

For foreign born from China, the USA is a golden opportunity.

For the USA, foreign born from China are a golden opportunity.

People who make it to the USA, who were born where dreams are more likely deferred, are coming to the land of opportunity.  And they will work hard, and invent great things, and start great businesses – and they will reap the rewards of those inventions in Cleveland, in Miami, in Houston, in Boston, in LA, and wherever else in the US they settle.

And their neighbors will profit handsomely, too.