3 mistakes to avoid when facing deportation

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Immigration Explained

Being notified of deportation can be devastating, especially when you have already created a life in the U.S. The deportation process can be complex, and the emotions you may go through may worsen it. However, it will help to stay calm and make the right calls. 

Here are three mistakes to avoid when facing deportation:

Not showing up to hearings

When you receive a “Notice to Appear” (NTA), it will have the date you should appear in court. Failure to appear in court for the first hearing and subsequent ones may lead to your removal from the country. If you have an emergency that makes it impossible to attend a hearing, you should notify the court sooner and file a motion to reopen your case.

Believing you cannot defend yourself 

Believing you cannot fight deportation is another mistake to avoid. In your first hearing, the judge will explain the deportation process and the reason(s) you are facing it. You can defend the reason that has led you to this point. For instance, if it’s a criminal charge, you can defend yourself in a criminal court, and once the case is dismissed, you can fight the deportation in an immigration court. 

Not staying up to date with the court

The court will send you documents related to your case. You should read your mails when you get them. And if you change your address, let the court know to avoid missing hearings or crucial information.

Further, you should be informed about your deadlines. If the court asks you to respond to something or send a document by a particular date, ensure you do so. A judge may assume you have abandoned your case if you fail to meet a deadline. 

If you are facing deportation, you should get the right legal knowledge and experience to protect yourself.