Key points to know about investment visas

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Immigration Explained

Some people who want to come to the United States can do this through the investment visa program. There are 10,000 of these visas available each year. These visas have very specific requirements, so anyone who’s interested in using one should learn about what must happen.

There are two categories of investor visas, and the available visas are divided equally among them. Half of them are for the regional center category. This means that the investor is involved in job creation and growing the economy. This must be done within a specific geographic area. The individual must provide proof that they’re making a qualified investment that will create 10 or more jobs.

What type of investment is required?

In order to qualify for an investor visa, the individual must be able to invest at least $1 million into their business. The only exception to this is if they’re investing in a targeted employment area, which is one that has high unemployment or is rural. Those require an investment of $500,000.

One key point about investor visas is that the individual applying for them must be able to invest the money without having to take out a loan. They must also produce results within two years of obtaining the visa. For the purpose of job creation, the investor can’t count themselves, their children, or their spouse as employees of the business.

Making the most appropriate visa choice for your situation can help you to get immigration paperwork as quickly as possible. This isn’t always easy to do because the regulations and guidelines of immigration into the United States change often. Working with someone knowledgeable about these matters can help you to learn exactly what you need to do.