H-1B Foreign Workers Hit by Wave of Tech Company Layoffs

by | Jan 27, 2023 | Firm News

Google has become the latest big tech company to announce layoffs, a trend that has been building across the industry in recent months – adding yet another worry to those on employment-based visas.

Tech companies, many of whom rely on foreign talent from countries such as India and China, utilise H-1B visas to give workers authorisation to work in the US – in areas such as software engineering, biotechnology and data. Companies like Google are announcing dramatic cuts in their workforce, mainly due to over-hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also because of the ongoing fears over the state of the worldwide economy.

Employees on non-immigrant H-1B visas, who have been laid off, are essentially given a 60-day grace period to find a new job or face the possibility of being deported. Within the 60 days, workers are encouraged to find a new employer (who will file a new H-1B petition), file an application to change their status, or leave the United States. Employers who don’t follow the correct procedures are also at risk – with the possibility of heavy penalties and fines.

The H-1B system has been criticised as outdated – other than the addition of the 60-day period in 2017, there has been no major update to the program since it was created in 1990. As the tech industry has boomed, the demand for H-1B visas now outstrips the yearly cap (85,000 as of FY2023) – leaving many in a precarious situation when their employment is unexpectedly terminated.

What are the options?

As noted above, laid off workers’ main priority will be finding a job – but the new role must meet the eligibility criteria for an H-1B visa and the employer must be willing the file the necessary paperwork. Alternatively, they may wish to apply to change to B-1/B-2 Visitor Status – a strategy which may allow them more time to find a new job. There may also be other options open to the applicant, depending on the industry they work in, their home country, and other factors.

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