Can you bring your family when you secure a work visa?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Immigration Explained

Developing a career is a way for you to support and grow your family. When you earn a good salary, you can provide a better standard of living and more opportunities for your family. Eventually, your search for a better life and your career skills might lead to immigration opportunities.

If you secure a work visa, you could travel to the United States for several years. You can renew the visa and then potentially qualify for a green card. With a green card, you become a permanent resident. That could either be your ultimate goal or a stepping stone on your path to United States citizenship.

While your family will benefit from your income, you likely don’t want to spend years away from them. Can they travel with you when you qualify for a work visa?

Immediate family can apply for connected visas

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) helps companies bring the best talent to the United States by accommodating those workers’ needs. Family connections play a major role in people’s mental health and ability to focus on their careers.

By allowing immediate family members to apply for subordinate visas, the USCIS helps bring the most qualified professionals to the country. You can potentially have your spouse and your unmarried children under the age of 21 apply for visas with you and then enter the country at the same time you do.

Those applying for secondary visas when a family member has a work-related visa will have to pass background checks and undergo medical review just like the primary visa applicant. They will be eligible to renew their visa along with their family member and maybe eventually qualify for permanent residence and citizenship just like the individual with the work-based visa.

Small mistakes can complicate the whole process

Applying for a work-related visa and then submitting the paperwork to bring your family along will be a complex process. A large number of visa applicants make mistakes with their paperwork or fail to meet deadlines, which can result in denials instead of approved visa applications.

Many applicants benefit from having professional support when they apply for visas, renew visas, update their status or consider naturalization to become a citizen. Understanding your options when pursuing work-related immigration and bringing your family can simplify a complex process.