The Most Powerful Weapon in the World is Your Brain

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Carrying a gun is a sign of being a strong man or woman, right?

I disagree. Being a truly strong man or woman means using your brain so you never have to use a gun.

The gun culture in the United States is very strong in part because there are few laws against it. Everyone wants a gun, right? It’s fun to watch guns used in the Olympics. The athlete skis across the snow to a target, takes the rifle from her back, shoots at the target, then skis on down the track. Guns are necessary for our military. And we all love imagining being like Superman® or Wonder Woman®. Or being self-sufficient and hunting animals like so many Americans do.

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Everyone disputes exactly what the Second Amendment means. Mostly people who favor guns say it means you should own one. And others say it means nothing of the sort.

But I’ve been saying for years foreign born non-citizens have no business carrying much less owning a gun.

I can’t tell you how many foreign born I’ve seen in deportation proceedings because they drove drunk, or without a driver license, or drove too fast. That’s hardly anything for a US Citizen. But a deportable offense for you.  Well that’s nothing. If you are foreign born, without US citizenship, green card or no green card, and you use a gun illegally, even if you don’t shoot it, but brandish it in a menacing way, you will find yourself in deportation proceedings fast.

I have 22 life rules for foreign born non-citizens (but they work great for citizens, too):

  1. Learn to speak English.
  2. Become a good communicator.
  3. Save your money, pay your taxes, and file annual tax returns.
  4. Make friends.
  5. Smile often. Show gratitude. Write thank you notes. Always be polite.
  6. Keep your dreams. Vizualize them, and make them happen.
  7. Be positive. Think positive. Act positive.
  8. Read, meditate, think and manage your thoughts.
  9. Do not get on government support. They may say it’s free, but nothing in life is free.
  10. Do not drink alcohol before driving. Do not try illegal drugs. Do not get into fights.
  11. Children belong in school. Education is our way to greatness.
  12. Push yourself to keep up with the times. Learn to use computers and the internet.
  13. Focus on your goals. See a good immigration lawyer at least once a year.
  14. Eat healthy.
  15. Good will be rewarded with good.
  16. Do not do stupid things you know are stupid.
  17. Develop your skills, strengthen your weaknesses.
  18. Keep up with current events.
  19. Keep a journal.
  20. Keep your faith.
  21. Motto: A family, education and hard work. If you think in this order, good things will come.
  22. Moral Compass. Don’t forget it!

Having a gun is really against all of these. Sure, you can think you are protecting your family, but if you live somewhere where carrying a gun is a really good idea, living there is a really bad idea.

I can’t make you not own a gun, but I plead with you, make choices that don’t include guns.

Margaret W. Wong, Esq.
CEO and Managing Partner
Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC