Non-Immigrant Visa Fees to Increase in 2022

| Apr 18, 2022 | Firm News

The state department has issued a proposed rule that will see processing fees on certain non-immigrant visas increase in 2022. They say these increases will bring the fees more in line with the cost of the government providing these services.

The majority of non-immigrant visa categories will be affected and, if approved, the new fees will go into force sometime before September 2022. Comments on the proposal are being accepted before February 28, 2022.

Main Fee Updates (Proposed; USCIS fees only)

Visa Type Proposed Fee Current Fee Increase
Petition-based non-immigrant visa e.g. H, L, O, P, Q Categories $310 $190 63%
Non-petition based non-immigrant visa (except E category) $245 $160 53%
E Category $485 $205 137%
J-Waiver $510 $120 325%
Border Crossing Card $245 $160 53%

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