Man in Atlanta from India, Convicted of Gambling; No Moral Turpitude; We Submitted All Documents, and He Got his Green Card

| Apr 14, 2022 | Firm News, Success Stories

In 2020, a thoroughly frustrated man from India named Kabir walked into the Atlanta office of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC and requested our help in obtaining a marriage-based green card.

Kabir explained that he had married his beloved fiancé, a United States citizen, a year earlier but his I-485 (Application for Legal Permanent Residency) had been turned down due to his him being convicted of engaging in illegal commercial gambling in 2018 which his attorney bargained it down to a misdemeanor resulting in a year’s probation (now completed) with no jail time whatsoever.

Our team agreed that what he had done could hardly be considered a “crime involving moral turpitude” so we accepted his case. Upon review, we learned that USCIS wanted Kabir to produce a document stating that his probation had been completed and no new charges were pending against him.

Subsequently, we instructed Kabir to go to the courthouse to obtain such a clearance, but the building was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, Kabir’s next stop was the Sheriff’s Department but all they could give him was a case history.

Nevertheless, our team filed an I-290B (Notice of Appeal) along with a Motion to Reconsider. Included in our package was an affidavit from Kabir in which he pledged he would secure the necessary documentation once the courthouse had been re-opened.

Two months later, our team received notice that the denial of Kabir’s I-485 had been withdrawn and a new decision would be forthcoming. Included in the correspondence was an I-485 RFE that requested an original or certified copy of a court document showing that probation had been completed which mystified Kabir because he had already submitted a certified copy of an “Order to Modify Probation Conditions” on more than one occasion.

Once again, however, Kabir was amenable to visiting the local police department, the sheriff’s department as well as the courthouse (now open) to see if they could give him anything else at all pertaining to his probation. On this matter, those at the courthouse said that they could produce a copy of the court docket, but it would cost $2.50 a page and its contents could easily be downloaded online for free. To help Kabir, though, the clerk of courts agreed to send us an email saying that nothing else was available.

Afterwards, we responded to the RFE by submitting all the beforementioned items along with copies of additional papers that Kabir had found pertaining to his court case.

As a result of our efforts and those of our client, everything came together because in February of 2021 Kabir received his green card and was very grateful to the Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC. Wong team as evidenced by him enlisting our services, once again, to help bring his teenage son here from India to share a home with himself and the boy’s new stepmother who was anxious to meet him.

Please note: The Client’s name and case key details may have been altered to preserve the identity of the client. This Success Story is not intended to be an offer of service or case plan. Every case is unique. The Success Story is presented for information purposes only.

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