Izan Flees Murders in Mexico; Achieves Asylum After Seeking Help for “Notice to Appear,” For Which We File EOIR-42 Cancellation of Removal

| Apr 14, 2022 | Firm News, Success Stories

The first week of 2021 was a wonderful one for a man named Izan who Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC. Wong’s Chicago office had been working with for several years because he learned that he would not have to fear being returned to his homeland, which was quite dangerous, and he wouldn’t be separated from his children thanks to the efforts of the Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC. Wong team in Chicago.

Izan initially came to us in early in 2017 attempting to garner asylum because his two uncles had just been murdered in Mexico by gangs and Izan believed he meet the same fate if he were to return to his homeland. He had been living in the United since 2005 when he entered the United States without proper documentation. Once here he had undergone training as a contractor and was eventually quite successful.

Presently, as a single father, Izan was devoting most of his non-working hours to the upbringing of his three children, all of them born here in the United States. He was very concerned, however, about the new administration that had just come to power in Washington, D.C. and the anti-immigrant rhetoric that was becoming all too common.

Along these lines, Izan had just been served with a “Notice to Appear” and he feared that he might be deported, which would mean that he would have to leave his children behind in the care of relatives because he refused to place them in a hazardous situation.

Upon hearing Izan’s story, we believed that he had a good chance at asylum because he had been a juvenile when he first entered the United States, and he was thus unfamiliar our laws. Moreover, circumstances in his home country had become more treacherous since 2005.

Unfortunately, USCIS remained very firm that the period for filing asylum had to be within one year of a person’s arrival in the United States.

Nevertheless, the Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC. Wong team rechanneled its energy into obtaining a 42 EOIR Cancellation of Removal for Izan which we managed to do in early 2021 because Izan had been living in this country in a peaceful, law-abiding way for over ten years and because his young children, whose mother had passed several years prior, loved their dad and were very dependent on him.

Thus, we are glad to report that a family was kept intact.

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