International Chamber of Commerce Christmas Luncheon at Windows on the River

| Apr 18, 2022 | Firm News

On Friday, December 3rd, we went to Windows on the River, located in the Flats, where we attended the 16th Annual International Chambers of Commerce 2021 Christmas Luncheon.

Among the sponsors for this event were the British-American Chamber of Commerce, the European American Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Cleveland Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Collaborative Chambers Alliance, the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, the International Business Network, and Global Cleveland.

The special guest was the Honorable Nick Greiner, Australian Consul for New York, and Northeast United States since February of 2021.

During his address, Mr. Greiner spoke of the new strategic defense partnership between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia called the Aukus Alliance which will result in the building of nuclear submarines as well as the development of wider technologies.

As he concluded his talk, Mr. Greiner implied that the new alliance might create abundant opportunities for the Ohio defense industry.

Before lunch was serve, all guests were treated to a small glass of Harvey’s Solera Sherry which is a tradition before meals in the United Kingdom and very much appreciated by those in Cleveland.

Since there was no luncheon in 2020 due to Covid-19, a great deal of time was allowed for networking.

We thus got to talk to people like Ms. Jill Arena from Arena Enterprises who had high praise for Ms. Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC as a person and as an immigration attorney.

Likewise, we spoke to a woman from Africa who was exploring the possibility of bringing some young relatives of hers to Cleveland to continue their education. She said she would call our offices if help was needed obtaining visas.

What’s more a young man from the United Kingdom, who had worked with us before, told us that after he obtains his U.S. citizenship, he would like to help an immediate relative immigrate to the United States.

With a wink, he said that when that time came, he would most definitely call Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC.