Helpful Immigration Advice

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We have over 80 years of experience as US immigration attorneys.  Our Helpful Immigration Advice section provides key information to help your family during the journey to US citizenship.

Value of Working With an Attorney on Your Immigration Papers –How an Attorney Can Help

Consular Processing vs. Adjustment of Status –Differences and Comparison of Consular Processing and Adjustment of Status

How To Find An Experienced Immigration Attorney – Advice On Selecting Your Immigration Lawyer

How to Prepare for U.S. Immigration – Important Information On Preparing For US Immigration

Petitioning Your Siblings for U.S. Residence – Key Information You Need to Know for Petitioning Your Siblings for U.S. Residence

How to Avoid Marriage Fraud Accusations-Immigration Marriage Fraud Accusations and Penalties

Common Issues With Green Card Applications – Reasons Why A Green Card Application May Be Denied

What You Need to Know for Petitioning Your Husband or Wife for US Residency –Petition Spouse For US Residency

The Process of Achieving US Citizenship –Options For Undocumented Immigrants For US Citizenship

New Approach To Undocumented Immigration –Trump Administration’s New Approach To Undocumented Immigration

Risks Of Being Undocumented In The United States –An Experienced Immigration Attorney Can Help Pursue Legal Relief

Family-Sponsored Preferences In Immigration Law –Benefits and Requirements of Family-Sponsored Immigration