Extreme Hardship

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Immigration Explained

Many applications require that you can show “Extreme Hardship” to a qualifying relative, like your US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident parents, children, or spouse. Today we are going to learn more about what qualifies as Extreme Hardship.

What are the two ways I need to show hardship?

If the foreign born goes back what would happen to spouse or if the spouse would return to home country.

What are some ways I can demonstrate hardship?

Emotional, financial, medical – Totality of circumstances

What is Medical Hardship?

Need to prove by doctor’s report – A medical condition is something that you can feel or see.

What is Psychological/Emotional Hardship?

Need a Doctor’s report but it is something you cannot see, something from the heart. Depression

What is Financial Hardship?

Extreme measures. Will not have a means to financial survive

What if the country is unsafe?

If the country is unsafe, that can be argued, but that could be considered Asylum.