City Club Program features Chris Kuhar from Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

| Apr 14, 2022 | Firm News

On Friday, March 4th, we went to the City Club for a program featuring Mr. Chris Kuhar, Executive Director of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, that focused on the circumstances leading up to the birth of Kayembe, the first baby gorilla born at the Zoo in its 139-year history.

Mr. Kuhar also discussed the Zoo’s involvement in conservation efforts in distant countries such as Uganda.

Before the program began, we talked with a Zoo official about plans to host international students who will work there over the summer months. This year ten students are expected but this number will hopefully grow in time depending on housing issues.

During lunch, we shared a table with a person who was very active in the Beachwood Chamber of Commerce about 20 years ago.

He told us that the chamber used to help business people who sought to immigrate to the United States from Israel and the party they often turned to for help on these matters was Ms. Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC.