Brazil Widow and Son Obtain Green Cards and US Citizenship as EB-5 Immigrant Investors; Son Obtains Grandson’s Green Card During Pandemic

| Apr 14, 2022 | Firm News, Success Stories

In 2018, the Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC. Wong team was contacted by a good friend of ours named Analu, a widow, who had immigrated to the United States from Brazil years before along with her son, Giovanni, who was in his late 20’s at the time.

For sure, they both secured our services and, subsequently, we helped them to acquire legal permanent residency through the EB5 process and later U.S. citizenship since they were both keen businesspersons who were listed as partners in a thriving international investment firm.

At this time, however, Analu had a more delicate matter to discuss with us and it concerned Enzo, an illegitimate child that Giovanni had fathered in Brazil before he came to the United States and didn’t even know about until the boy had turned eleven which was several years after Giovanni had acquired citizenship.

Analu then showed us photos of her grandson who was now seventeen and living with his mother in Curitiba. To no surprise, Enzo, who looked a lot like his dad, loved sports and was just finishing high school. Analu was proud to say that he worked parttime as a “tech” meaning that he cleaned carpets and furniture and someday aspired to start his own maintenance company.

Accordingly, Giovanni, with Analu’s full support, sought to sponsor his child for legal permanent residency and later citizenship.

Thus, our team got to work, and begin a process that took over two years during which time we filed several rounds of paperwork that established that Enzo was, in fact, Giovanni’s biological son as evidenced by DNA testing. Not only that, but we had to prove that Enzo and Giovanni had a relationship which was done by documenting several trips the two had taken together both in South America and in the United States.

On this matter, they provided us with photos of the two of them, father and son, engaged in various activities over the years as well as many emails that they had exchanged particularly during an incident wherein Enzo had a disciplinary problem at school and Giovanni consorted with school officials as to how to handle it.

During this process, Enzo mostly remained in Brazil and due to the Covid 19 pandemic, his USCIS interview was conducted via zoom wherein the key players, in addition to Giovanni and Enzo, were a Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC. Wong team member and Enzo’s mother who was most cooperative. Analu, who could be considered the family matriarch, was present but quite wisely said only a few words because all other parties were handling it just fine.

Finally, in February of 2021, Enzo was granted legal permanent residency and he looked forward to attending college in the United States and someday going into business with his father and his grandmother.

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