Relentless Pursuit of Justice in Temporary Protected Status

Coming to America

Mr. P has been our client for many years. Our firm had worked with him on his employment authorization and other matters. Most recently, we fought for him and regained his Temporary Protected Status. He first entered to the United States without status in 1999 from El Salvador. Because of the huge earthquake that shook his country in 2001, he was eligible for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Another attorney helped him to gain TPS in 2001. However, in 2015, Mr. P was convicted of driving under the influence. There was also another minor crime from 2001. Because of these two small crimes, Mr. P lost his temporary status and could no longer reapply.

Margaret W Wong & Associates on the Case

Mr. P trusted Margaret W. Wong & Associates to help him. His case was very complicated, but we never gave up. First, we worked to have the charges vacated because his former lawyer had given him bad advice. Our team made sure that we had all the proper documentation before the hearing. Margaret Wong herself represented him before the judge and argued fiercely on his behalf. It was a difficult hearing, but our diligence paid off: the charges were vacated. Now we could apply for Mr. P’s Temporary Protected Status.

More Complications

Unfortunately, USCIS still did not grant his case. Our team still did not give up. We appealed the denial. We learned that even though he was now eligible to reapply, they could not grant his case due to a procedural problem. Even though his convictions had now been vacated, the original revocation of his TPS was valid. So, he could not reapply. Now we knew we would have to write a Motion to Reopen to resolve his problem.


Our team prepared a strong Motion for Mr. P. Soon, an Immigration Judge granted the Motion. Finally, his Temporary Protected Status was approved. Mr. P can now continue to live safely in the United States with his family, as he has done for the past 20 years. Many of our Immigration Attorneys and Staff worked hard to handle this difficult case. Our firm never stopped fighting for our client to regain his Temporary Protected Status and made sure justice was done.

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