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Betty Sutton Fundraiser

Our last event on Saturday featured a very accomplished woman, Ms. Anna Maria Anders who holds several governmental posts in Poland, our first event on Sunday, September 23rd, Saturday highlighted another outstanding woman: former U.S. Congressperson Betty Sutton, who is currently the democratic party nominee for Ohio Lt. Governor.

The event took place at the home of Ms. Joanne Cohen and Mr. Morris Wheeler in Shaker Heights that is close proximity to that of Ms. Margaret W. Wong. Both of our hosts expressed regrets that, due to other commitments, Ms. Wong herself couldn't be there because they admired her a lot.

Nevertheless the event was quite well attended; amongst the guests were Cuyahoga County Councilperson Shontel Brown who is also the Chair of the Cuyahoga  Democratic Party who just came from a "Browns Day” party at her church; former Cleveland Mayor Ms. Jane Campbell and her mother, Ms. Joan Campbell; and Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro whose State of the County address we attended a copy of weeks prior wherein, in a response to a question by us, she steadfastly maintained that immigrants/refugees have been a terrific asset to her jurisdiction.

 Joan and Jane Campbell

Joan and Jane Campbell

Also attending was the democratic nominee for Governor of Ohio, Mr. Richard Cordray, former Ohio Attorney General and former Director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, who made it clear that the event was not about him but it was about Ms. Sutton with whom he has formed an outstanding partnership very much to the benefit of the campaign.


The latter point about the formation of an outstanding partnership was readily seconded by Ms. Sutton who, of course, discussed the campaign and the issues involved. Naturally she called upon all present to become involved in any way that they could. On this point, we are pleased to report that a good friend of ours who was at this gathering had told us that she could only stay for part of it because she had an commitment to go canvassing from door-to-door.

What we particularly liked about Ms. Sutton's presentation was her recollection of her early days as a public servant when she had to work to overcome sexism. Ultimately, she was able to gain respect from her male colleagues but she acknowledged that this struggle on behalf of women in any mostly male in environment is ongoing. She went on to talk about her years in the U.S. Congress and how she was able to launch the successful Cash for Clunkers program which received bipartisan support.

While we were there we talked with Mr. Wheeler about a photo on display showing his son, Zachary posing with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. As it turned out, the photo had been taken at the Global Center for Health Innovation when U.S. Senator Sanders spoke there in May of 2017, an event that we also attended. Come to think of it, we remembered a young man articulately asking the the U.S. Senator about the need for youth to be involved in the political process; it turned out the questioner was none other than Zachary.

Mr. Wheeler noted with pride that the moment involved Zachary and U.S. Senator Sanders was posted on the Bernie Sanders website and was viewed by multitudes.

Justin Faulhaber