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Meet Steve Dettelbach - Candidate for Ohio Attorney General

Our second event for Tuesday, July 31st, was a fundraiser for Mr. Steve Dettelbach who is the democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General that was held at the offices of ChapmanAlbin, LLC and Karon, LLC in Hoyt Block on West St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland.

As we know, Mr. Dettelbach is currently a partner at "BakerHostetler" and prior to that he served as U.S. Attorney for Ohio's Northern District from 2009 to 2016. As his campaign literature states, during his tenure as U.S. Attorney Mr. Dettelbach "and his team cracked down on government corruption, locking up officials who took bribes, and won human trafficking convictions against more than 40 defendants who preyed on young girls and other vulnerable people in Ohio." (see

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During his address that evening, Mr. Dettelbach reiterated his belief that "no one is above the law, no matter how powerful" and that, if elected to be Attorney General of Ohio, he will "always have the back" of working people of Ohio.

Along these lines, Mr. Dettelbach shared with us that one of his early inspirations was his own father who was an attorney also. He recalled how hard his dad worked on a case that involved a laborer who was badly injured while doing his job due to the neglect of the company for which he worked. After winning a sizable settlement (largely due to Steve's father) the laborer invested the money on his own education and later became a doctor; from there he devoted a large part of his career to helping those in need just as Mr. Dettelbach's father had done.

Based upon his career thus far, we believe that Mr. Steve Dettelbach has learned from his father's example; he has performed honorably and is worthy of being elected to statewide office. Our viewpoint was echoed by Mr. Jim Moroney, who used to work with him in the U.S. Attorney's office and steadfastly vouches for his integrity and his abilities. 

While we were at the fundraiser, we visited with Ms. Mary Catherine Barrett, an attorney who has worked on international adoption cases. We were also pleased when our old friends Mr. James Craciun and Rocky River Municipal Judge Donna C. Fitzsimmons turned out to support Mr. Dettelbach.  

We, ourselves, asked Mr. Dettelbach about what the Ohio Attorney General could do regarding cases involving immigration. He thought for a moment and told us that he would "look at each case individually and make a determination always with the best interests of the people of Ohio in mind; particularly in regards to U.S. Constitutional rights."


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