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Kolache Cafe is Highlight of Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce Event


On Wednesday, July 25, our first event was an Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce Coffee Contacts, which took place at Kolache Cafe located in a little square named Walter Green Commons in Madison.


Kolache Cafe is owned by Mr. Rory and Ms. Tabatha Frasure and specializes in items made from Kolache dough, which uses a recipe given to Rory by his mother who, from what Rory told us with a smile, made a special trip over to the cafe to make sure the instructions were being carefully followed. Apparently all was correct because the chamber members who sampled the Kolache pastries seemed to be delighted by the discovery of a food unknown to them until that morning.

We, ourselves, had sampled Kolache products at various international festivals, but still wanted to know more. So Tabatha gave us a handout that read: "In the mid 1800's Czechoslovakian immigrants began a 17 week journey from their European homeland to Texas. They came to America to work for a better life for themselves and their families. They also worked hard to retain their heritage here in America. Food, including the Kolache, was an important part of this heritage. The Kolache, a slightly sweet yeast dough, was always a delightful dessert that complemented the Czech meals. The traditional Kolache was filled with apricot, cottage cheeses, poppy seed and/or prune butter. However, over the years, this beautiful bread-dough has also become scrumptious when filled with a variety of fruits, meats, cheeses, and/or vegetables as well."

Since the Kolache Cafe has only been open for a couple of months, the official ribbon-cutting took place at this time. In addition to chamber members, the event was attended by several local dignitaries including Mr. Max Anderson, Jr., Madison Township Trustee, and representatives from the local offices of Ohio Governor John Kasich and U.S. Congressperson David Joyce.

Getting back to the Kolache, Rory told us their dough is baked fresh daily and that he and Tabatha love to experiment with different formats. In fact, just recently, they made Kolache, tacos which turned out to be pretty good.


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Community Liaison

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