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City Stages 2018 Sponsors Summer Salsa Concert


Our second event for Wednesday, July 25, was a concert featuring the Puerto Rican salsa band Orquesta el Macabeo, which took place in the area by Transformer Station near West 29th Street and Church Avenue in Cleveland.

This concert was part of the City Stages 2018 series usually presented by the Cleveland Museum of Art by itself, but this year it was a collaboration between the museum and FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art. As a result of this new partnership, six concerts presenting music from all over the world will take place in five venues across Cleveland.

Accordingly, this evening's concert was the third of the series. The first one featured Congolese music and took place on Euclid Avenue between Mayfield Road and East 115 Street. The second one also took place in the Transformer Station area and featured Songhai music.


On this occasion, Orquesta el Macabeo was introduced by Mr. Tom McNair, Director of Ohio City, Inc.; Mr. Fred Bidwell, Founder of the Transformer Station and CEO of FRONT International; and Mr. Tom Welsh, Director of Performing Arts at Cleveland Museum of Art.

Sponsors Cleveland Public Library, Downtown Cleveland Hilton, and Ohio City, Inc. were thanked, and it was noted that the FRONT International festival was attracting people to Northeast Ohio from all over the country and bringing together those of different backgrounds.

As we wrote previously, we found the salsa music very invigorating so we joined with others and danced in the streets wherever we could avoid bumping into other dancers. We also liked it when Mr. Luis De La Rosa, the band's lead singer, would talk for a minute between songs and say such things as, "Puerto Rico is a little island in the Caribbean with a big heart."

In the upcoming weeks, there will be a concert on August 15 at Mall C in Downtown Cleveland featuring West African rhythms, and on August 29 a concert is planned for the Glenville Arts Center featuring music from Colombia. Lastly, on September 7 Ethiopian music will be heard at the Nord Family Greenway in University Circle.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison

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