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Matchworks Building Hosts Coffee Contacts and Local Artisans


On Thursday, July 19, our first event was a Coffee Contacts put on by the Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce. It took place at the Matchworks Building on Station Street in Mentor, a fixture in the Lake County area since the 1800's.

Usually, at these gatherings, attendees are allowed 30 seconds to give a commercial about the businesses/organizations they represent, but because so many people were (50 by our estimate) in attendance, everyone was only allowed a few seconds to introduce themselves.


However, Ms. Sherri Trivisonno, the Coffee Contacts coordinator, was able to share with us a couple of pointers regarding sharing a lunch with a potential client. From her data, we learned that such a client is more likely to want to do business with a person who eats with utensils (geez, guess that means no ordering of hamburgers or egg rolls). And here is something to definitely keep in mind: it's suggested that business not be talked about too much in depth at the first luncheon because the focus should be on relationship building.

Afterwards, we all went upstairs for the ribbon cutting of a new family business. Ms. Amie Longstaff is the principal owner and the business is named Junie Balloonie. It's a design studio featuring custom-engraved and carved gift items such as glass-etchings and engraved metal. 

We also had a few minutes to visit Stella's Art Gallery, which is located on the downstairs level. It is an establishment owned by Ms. Dani Klein and Ms. Carol Pitts, which intermittently features the works of 36 local artists ranging from paintings to pottery. In addition, it contains 8 small studios. One of them is used by our good friend, Pastor Jeff Sivyer of The Grove Church in Mentor, who loves to create items such as pendulum clocks, bowls, and patio lights from old vinyl records. 

Of course, there was time to network on our own and we talked to several people who had positive dealings with Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC, including a man who once referred several IT specialists from Russia to us, and a woman who told us that a friend of hers used our services when he immigrated to the United States from Iceland.

There also was a person we have known for a long time who recently remembered thinking about us when she saw the name of Ms. Rose Wong on some sort of list, but she couldn't remember what it was. We told her this was okay because we know that both Ms. Margaret W. Wong and Ms. Rose Wong are involved in so many community activities and sponsor so many worthwhile projects that we have a tough time keeping track of them too.



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