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First Summer Night in CLE at Networking Events x 3

On Thursday evening, June 21, 2018, we attended three events, one right after the other.


First, we attended a Northeast Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce networking event held at Si Señor Mexican Restaurant at Kamm's Corners. There we encountered Ms. Jenice Contreras and Ms. Selina Pagan, whom we had seen earlier in the day at the immigration gathering held at the Free Stamp.


We also met Mr. Quenan E. Garcia Martin, who immigrated to the U.S. from Spain, and his wife, Ms. Kayla Garcia Martin, who own Lion IQ Solutions, Inc., which does credit consulting for individuals and firms. We talked to them about reaching out to foreign-born people in order to instruct them about the financial system here in the U.S., which they are both eager and ready to do.

We also met Mr. Benjamin "Benji" Muskal, a  budding entrepreneur who is starting his own  translation company named Bam! Language Services. Mr Muskal has traveled throughout the world, is fluent in several languages, and has translated almost everything you can think of, including subtitles for motion pictures.

Next, we drove as fast as we could over to The Harp on Detroit Avenue for a fundraiser for Cleveland City Council President Kevin J. Kelley.


We could see from a couple of blocks down the road that the parking lot of The Harp was packed to capacity, so we chose to park on Detroit Avenue a block or so past. As we were walking over, we saw Cuyahoga County Councilperson Dale Miller and Mr. Chris Ronayne, the Mayor of University Circle, get in their cars and leave. When we entered the building we walked past Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish, who was conversing near the door.


Once we were inside, we said hello to the Council President on behalf of Ms. Wong. He was genuinely happy to see us and gladly posed for a photo. Soon after, though, we had to be on our way to our next event. As we were walking to our car, Cleveland City Councilperson Kerry McCormack drove right by us. Based on the number of important people that we saw in the space of a few minutes, we believe that Council President Kelley's fundraiser was a sizable success, which is a good thing indeed.

Lastly, we managed to make it over to Fabo Architecture on Columbus Road in the Flats just in time for a Plexus Speed Networking event coordinated by our friend, Mr. Erik Meinhart. About ten or eleven people were involved in the speed networking, so we got to have quite a few conversations concerning the businesses we owned and/or represented and what our role was there.

We especially liked talking with Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick, a successful young insurance broker, about the ethics rules we both had to follow in our professions.

Fabo Architecture has been in this location for several years, and we have written about them in this blog a few times. We were pleased to see how the layout there has developed over the years and to hear from Mr. Brian Fabo, its Founder, President, and Principal Architect, that things are going quite well.


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