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A Lit Summer Night

On Friday, June 1, we learned that Pizza Hut is actually a super-scale entity in China where business people go to close very lucrative deals.


The person we spoke to who gave us this information was Mr. Eric Eichhorn who, along with his wife, Ms. Qian Li, knows Ms. Wong quite well and has attended the annual holiday party put on by Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC six years in a row; to prove this they have a large collection of our mugs.

We talked to Mr. Eichhorn at "A Lit Summer Night," which was a Literary Cleveland event that took place at The Bop Shop on Detroit Road. Along with the other attendees, we enjoyed poetry readings by local artists such as Ms. Kisha Nicole Foster, Ms. E.F. Schraeder, and Mr. Michael Garriga. A live auction was emceed by Ms. Amy Eddings of Ideastream.


Above all, we loved networking with Cleveland's gifted writers and enthusiasts of good writing. As Ms. Susan Oelbracht, Board Chair of Literary Cleveland, said in her brief remarks, all of the people in attendance share a love of the literary arts and enjoy sharing their reading experiences with others.

We, ourselves, loved the "Crossing Borders: Immigrant Narratives" production Literary Cleveland put on in 2017. Along these lines, we met a person who would have liked to participate by telling the story of her grandfather who immigrated to the United States from Norway back in 1954, but things just didn't work out. Thus, we told her to send us what she wrote and we just might be able to post it on our "I, Foreign Born" page.

Another connection we made that night was with Mr. Ray McNiece, who has authored eight books of poems and dramatic monologues. He was one of three writers available for hire that evening who would, for a small fee, write a poem on any subject the purchaser wanted as long it contained three words that were provided upon payment. Since our son's birthday was the following week, we asked Mr. McNiece to write a poem for him containing the three words assigned to us, which were "enumerate," "beer," and "pretty." Not only did Mr. McNiece pull it off, he did a commanding job!

In fact, we liked the poem so much that as soon as we left The Bop Shop, we went to the post office to mail it to our son (he's going to be 30 on June 6) in California in time for his birthday.


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