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Tabling at the Tremont Greek Festival

Memorial Day weekend for 2018 was between May 25th and May 28th and we spent that time tabling on behalf of "Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC"at the Tremont Greek Festival held at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church which has been in existence for 106 years now and quite a few of its parishioners have been worshiping there all or nearly all of their lives.

One such person is Mr. Peter Hourmozis who sat down and visited with us for a while; he looked so good physically and had such a youthful attitude that we were genuinely taken back when Mr. Hourmozis told us with a twinkle that he had been attending church there for perhaps 80 years now. He then smiled and said with a twinkle that he watched over the place and saw all that went on there. Of course, we lost no time in presenting him with a copy of Ms. Margaret W. Wong's book "The Immigrant's Way".

At one point over the weekend, we took a break from tabling and participated in a church tour conducted by Father Dean Dimon in which we learned about how many people from Greece immigrated to the United States and settled in Cleveland in the late 1800's-early 1900's and established this church in 1912. As for the present, we learned that extensive Greek language classes are offered to those of all ages thus enabling one to acquire the ability to be quite conversational in just a few years.

As we tabled, some of the others who stopped by to visit with us included:

****Ms. Carol Rivchon, who recently retired from her position as the CEO of "Youth Opportunities Unlimited", already had a copy of Ms. Wong's book and told us that she had read it to her mother. They both found it most informative.

****Ms. Argerie Vasilakes, who is the cousin of our good friend and colleague Mr. Gordon Landefeld, spent quite a bit of time at the festival chatting with us and visiting with her friends.

(Let us sneak in at this time and point out that with temperatures in the high 80's for most of the weekend, the air-conditioned banquet hall was definitely the place to be. Many people seemed to realize this so they had a good meal and seemed to enjoy hanging out with their families and friends for a couple of hours.)

****Mr. Walt Mahovlich, who plays with the band "Harmonia" which is devoted to preserving the traditional folk music of Eastern Europe, told us that he hadn't realized the Ms. Wong had written a book so not only did we assure him that she had, we gave him a copy of "The Immigrant's Way".

****Ms. Mary Ellen Swinger, who teaches Business Management in the Parma schools, told us that two of the high school students that she taught will be interning with us at "Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC" this summer. She really loves working with our Ms. Joyce Graham who helped to arrange the internships.

****Ms. Stacy Cook who used to work for "Capgemini" told us that Ms. Margaret Wong used to handle immigration matters for that company and did a very fine job. Along these lines, we also talked to a married couple who told us that Ms. Wong once did their accounting years ago.

****Ms. Cindy David, who is the Executive Director of the exquisite belly dance company "Raqs for Joy" walked over to say hello accompanied by two of her friends, Ms. Laxi Mallik and Ms. Janine Tomasello, the latter of whom had recently done a paper on immigration to the United States for her American History class in college and received an "A". Subsequently, we gave copies of "The Immigrant's Way" to all three women who looked forward to reading it.

Most of all, we loved tabling next to Ms. Stella Tsardoulias who immigrated to the United States from Greece some 45 years ago and was selling beautiful crafts at the festival. Ms. Tsardoulias presented us with a lovely key chain as a gift and allowed us to store our tabling items under her own table so we wouldn't have to make several trips to and from our car in the heat and humidity.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison

Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC