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High Tea at St. James


On Saturday, May12, we went to St. James Episcopal Church in Painesville to attend "High Tea at St. James" a fundraiser on behalf of the church itself.

We decided to take part because St. James does a lot to help people who have immigrated to the United States as well as the impoverished. Recently, the church's efforts were recognized through the donation of a beautiful portrait "Kates Guadalupe" by artist James Roderick. The church's pastor, Reverend Vanessa Clark, was kind enough to turn on the lights in the sanctuary so we could take a photograph.

Also hearing of the contributions of St. James to the community was Ms. Claire McMillan (see noted author of such works as "Gilded Age" and "The Necklace" who graciously agreed to be the featured guest of the afternoon. Both Ms. McMillan and the writer of this blog lived in Los Angeles County before moving to Northeast Ohio so we had a pleasant conversation above the differences and similarities between the two places.

Another recent transplant to this region was a delightful person named Iris who came here from Houston, TX and now works at the Cleveland Clinic as a post-op researcher pertaining to cancer and autism. Iris now lives in Chagrin Falls and loves to explore Cuyahoga, Lake, and Geauga counties. When she asked us if we had a recommendation about food to take home to her family for supper, we advised her to look no further than "Bada Bing Pizza" located just a few blocks away which is one of our two-three favorite pizza parlors within an hour's drive from where we live in Cleveland.

For ourselves, we were not really thinking about supper because the sustenance served at the high tea was so excellent. There were small smoked ham and English mustard sandwiches as well as sandwiches composed of egg, mayonnaise and crest for veggies like us.

Of course tea, itself, was available and in addition to the traditional Earl Grey Supreme and Leadenhall Street Breakfast offerings there was a delicious Lapsang Souchong Imperial brew known as a "smoked tea" from the Wujo Region of the Fujian Province of China.


Needless to say, after we left the High Tea we didn't have food on our minds for several hours but we were still appreciative of the various Hispanic culinary options available at our other event for Saturday which was the annual "Latin Dance Gala" put on by the InterReligious Task Force on Central America (IRTF) this year at the Franklin Circle Christian Church on Fulton Road in Cleveland.

As is the case every year, "Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC" purchased an ad in support of this event and our good friend Dr. Julio Aponte and his partners were on hand to terrifically perform several Latin dance numbers.

This year, however, salsa dance lessons were conducted by Mr. Lenin A. Guerrero-Maldonado, a champion dancer from Puebla, Mexico who immigrated to the United States in 2015; founded a dance company in Northeast Ohio in 2016; and opened "Salcity of Angels" his own dance studio in Bedford in May, 2017.

In fact, we learned the the first year anniversary party of "Salcity of Angels" was taking place at the same time that very night. Due to his love of showing others how to dance, Mr. Guerrero-Martinez had agreed to take a break from the Bedford happenings and help at the IRTF gathering for a little while after which he would rush back to Bedford.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC