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Cleveland Peace Action

On Tuesday night, May 8th, we attended a program regarding United States immigration matters that Mr. George Koussa, our friend and colleague from "Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC",  conducted for "Cleveland Peace Action" at the Market Garden Brewery in Ohio City.

Mr. Koussa worked very hard to put this presentation together and, in our minds, it paid off beautifully because in the short space of an hour he managed to address such key topics as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals); TPS (Temporary Protective Status); and the plight of refugees throughout the world while constantly pausing for detailed questions and comments from his audience.

Let it be noted that "Cleveland Peace Action" is an activist group and many of the issues that they raised concerned the foreign policy of the U.S. and its possible role in creating the turmoil that has inspired many people to want to leave their homelands and either immigrate or take refuge elsewhere. 


To his credit, however, Mr. Koussa listened to what people had to say, and in some cases interacted with them, but still managed to remain focused on his topic which was U.S. immigration/refugee protocol and procedures and the value as well as the need of pursuing policies based on humanitarianism instead of political gamesmanship.  

Accordingly, he wisely maintained that even though U.S. foreign policy might have its drawbacks, immigrants/refugees are very grateful to be given the opportunity to come to this country to  start a new life . On this last point, he very effectively drew upon his own experiences as an immigrant from Syria, as an advisor to international students at Tri-C, and from his work with clients at "Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC".

He stated that he was especially appreciative to be able to work with Ms. Margaret W. Wong because he considered her to be both a champion and a role model for immigrants including himself.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC