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Cinco De Mayo Celebration


On Friday, May 4th, "Margaret W. Wong & Associates" sponsored a Cinco De Mayo Celebration that took place in the Rotunda at Cleveland City Hall and was hosted by the City of Cleveland along with "El Comite Mexicano de Cleveland Ohio."


Taking part in the program were such prominent people as Ms. Jeanette Pellot-Ayala, Hispanic Liaison to the Community Relations Board; Ms. Theasha Daniely from the Department of Community Relations; Sergeant Juan Cancel from the Department of Public Safety; Mr. Eduardo Rodriguez from "The Hispanic Alliance"; and Ms. Eleonor Ramirez and Ms. Patty Esparza from "El Comite Mexicano...".


As we know, "Cinco De Mayo" commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at "The Battle of Puebla" in 1862 so we had a good time as Professor Luis Hector Perez conducted an audience participation session to see how much we knew about the historical facts surrounding the event. Fortunately, we were sitting next to our good friend, Dr. Maria Pujana who knew almost all of the answers.

Above all, as was pointed out by several speakers during the course of the program, "Cinco De Mayo" is a time to express appreciation of how much the Mexican-American culture has become woven into the U.S. social fabric in terms of faith, language, literature, art and food.

Thus, it is a time to the diversity that makes us strong and makes our country a great place to live.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC