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23rd Annual Hispanic Leadership Conference


On Saturday, April 28th, we tabled on behalf of "Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC" at the 23rd Annual Hispanic Leadership Conference at Lorain Community College (LCC) which was hosted by the Coalition for Hispanic/Latino Issues and Progress (CHIP).

This year the theme of the conference was "Opening Doors and Breaking Barriers" which was perfectly exemplified by Ms. Corina Barranco, a young DACA recipient who has really excelled academically and deeply appreciates the opportunities the United States has to offer. We watched a short film about her and learned that she was recently written about in "Time Magazine". (See 


Dr. Marcia Ballinger, the President of LLC, said that the inspiration of Ms. Barranco was an imperative element in establishing the college's "Dreamer Empowerment Award" for those in need of financial assistance to take classes there.

It is Ms. Barranco's goal to become a police officer and she can take classes in criminal justice at LCC. She has already participated in a local police academy program. Whether or not she can actually get hired to be a police officer, however, might depend a lot on the future of immigration reform because, by Ohio Law, in order to become a police officer one has to be a United States citizen and, at this point, how DACA recipients figure into the equation is questionable.

While we were at the conference, we heard a very fine keynote speech by Mr. Paul F. Chavez, the son of Cesar Chavez, the renowned farm labor organizer. Mr.Chavez said that two of the most important things that he learned from is father were that ordinary people have the power to achieve extraordinary things (as evidenced by the success of the farm labor movement) and the value and necessity of perseverance. In fact, Cesar Chavez lost more battles than he won but he learned from his defeats and kept trying until he ultimately won.  


On a more personal level, Mr. Chavez spoke of how his dad always encouraged him to step outside his safety zone and take on new assignments within the farm labor movement; as a result he is a very versatile person today as well as being the President of the "Cesar Chavez Foundation".

After tabling, we sat in on a workshop about how the Lorain City Schools are working to meet the needs of a very diverse student population. The workshop was put on by Ms. Doreen Morell and Mr. Jay Nimene who both immigrated to the United States when they were quite young and now hold responsible jobs within the school district.

From Ms. Morell and Mr. Nimene, we learned about the success and importance of bilingual services for students who are in the process of learning the English language.

We are proud to say that "Margaret W. Wong and Associates, LLC" was a Bronze Sponsor for this event. While we tabled, we gave away quite a few copies of Ms. Margaret W. Wong's book, "The Immigrant's Way" both in English and in Spanish. What's more, a person of Hispanic descent even asked for copies in both languages so that her entire family would have the opportunity to read it and learn.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC