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21st Annual Top of The Towers Benefit


On Friday evening, April 27th, we had a good time when we attended the 21st annual "Top of the Towers" benefit for St. Augustine Health Ministries which took place at LaCentre Banquet Facility on Detroit Road in Westlake.

For this occasion, "Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC" purchased a full page ad in the souvenir booklet and a ticket or two which enabled us to take part in the fun.

Throughout the evening there were food samplings from local establishments, silent and live auctions, raffles and other games of chance, as well as entertainment by Rick and Sharona aka "A Swingin' Affair".


There was no series of speeches, however: instead Mr. Rick Meserini,the President/CEO, spoke for only a couple of minutes using his time to thank everyone who attended and the employees and volunteers who worked so hard to put on this annual event.

Mr. Meserini also emphasized that it is the mission of St. Augustine Health Ministries "to  continue the healing ministry of Christ by promoting the quality of life and independence of each person entrusted to our care."

We were greeted when we first walked in by our old friend, Mr. Christopher "Peacock" Axelrod who acted as the emcee and auctioneer. We asked Mr. Axelrod how many coats he brought with him for this occasion and he answered by saying he was "going light tonight" because he only brought eighteen.

While we were there we encountered a lot of people that we knew like Ms. Marian Rubin of the "Catholic Community Connection" who we see frequently at "First Friday Club" luncheons as well as Mr. Adam Tully and Mr. John Farina from the "Stonewall Democratic Club" and, of course, Ms. Margaret Lynch from the "Irish American Archives Society."

It was interesting to note that it appeared that several volunteers/staffers were working the same games/activities that they were in 2017 like Ms. Hilde Brizes and Ms. Alex Nalepka who watched over the "Plinko" board.

Before we left, we shook hands with both Mr. Meserini and Ms. Dana Cairns who worked especially hard on behalf of this event. Mr. Meserini said that he didn't recall seeing me since last year's gathering. We smiled and replied that if we didn't see each other at any other time during the year, we could count on seeing each other at the next  "Top of the Towers" in 2019.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC