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"Reclaiming My Time" With Ariana Johnson


On Saturday, March 31st, our only event was a civics engagement class titled "Reclaiming My Time" that was conducted by Ms. Ariana Johnson at the Garfield Heights Library.

 First of all, Ms. Johnson presented the definition of "civics" as being "the study of the rights and duties of citizenship" and listed voting, community service, jury duty, and military service as examples of these duties.

 Moreover, she urged us to interact with our elected officials and went on to explain the precise duties of city and county council persons, state representatives and state senators, as well as the judiciary.

 During the course of the program, Ms. Johnson welcomed our input so several enriching discussions occurred.

 We told Ms. Johnson that we worked for "Margaret W. Wong & Associates" and she agreed with us that is was, unfortunately, quite often the case that foreign-born people are more respectful of their civic responsibilities than people who are born here in the United States.

 Ms. Johnson, herself, was a very articulate speaker and most impressive young person. We learned that she majored in Journalism and Digital Communication at CSU from where she graduated in 2012. Since that she has been engaged in several worthy endeavors such as the "Ohio Unity Coalition" at

 Her mother, Ms. Charlene Johnson, told us that during her time at CSU her daughter served as a Senator-at-Large and that government has always been her passion.

 As for the future, Ms. Ariana Johnson plans to attend law school and we wish her the best.

Sad to say, largely because it was the day before Easter, not too many people attended this program. All that we can say is that it was their loss.


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC