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Retirement Party for Crash

On Saturday, March 10th, we went to the Geneva Library to attend a retirement party for a beautiful tabby cat named Crash who has been a fixture at the library since 2006.


Ms. Tina Conrad, the Children's Librarian, explained to us that Crash, himself, adopted the library instead of the other way around. It was estimated that he was six years old at the time which would make him about eighteen now.

Soon after he set his sights on the Geneva Public Library and displayed his ever-apparent charm, the library board voted to extend the library's hospitality to the audacious feline and he was given the run of the premises. Before too long, he was dubbed "Crash" due to his ability to fall asleep anywhere including an unsteady book cart.

Library patrons of all ages soon became enamored of Crash and they looked forward to seeing him whenever they visited the library. In recent years, though, his age started to catch up with him and he slept more and more as his health became fragile so the library staff decided it was time to find a new venue for Crash to spend his final days.

Ms. Cindi Crnic, Library Assistant, told us that the home chosen for Crash is that of a happy family who will take good care of him.

Crash has visited the home and by all reports he liked it fine.

Thus, we all gathered together to bid farewell to Crash. Among the guests, was Ohio State Representative John Patterson (District 99) who brought a commendation from the Ohio State Legislature for Crash. State Rep. Patterson noted that to the best of anyone's memory it was the first time a cat has been so honored.

The commendation read in part:

"...I am pleased to congratulate Crash on retiring from his role as keeper of the Geneva Public Library...His selfless and thoughtful-but also outgoing approach to public relations is highly commendable."


Michael Patterson

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC